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        My Bio

        Lisa Geyersbach (1995) is a German graphic designer and photographer based in Reykjavik, Iceland. In 2019 she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Grafikdesign for screen- & print media and a master’s degree in design from the Iceland Academy of the Arts in 2021.

        Her work is all about capturing atmosphere, emotions and feelings – lively and pure. Geyersbach’s practice includes everything related to design, typo-, video- and photography. She researches in the field of emotional design for travel literature since 2019 and is now exploring the effects in the area of wayfinding design for people suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease.

        In 2020 she founded Glitský Gallery in collaboration with the Icelandic fine artist Guðný Sara Birgisdóttir (1993). The young designer duo wanted to focus on design projects that touch on perception through detail, sensory stimulation, brain and skills. Glitský is an online art gallery displaying the beautiful artworks of individuals suffering from dementia. The goal is to invigorate the brain and promote mental stimulation by doing and looking at art.

        When she‘s not standing behind her camera, she is a joyful person who loves good food, openness and honest conversations. Geyersbach truly adores nature, summer, the beach and the sea. In sports and music, she finds her perfect balance.